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The Mandiant® Intelligence Center™ released an unprecedented report exposing APT1’s multi-year, enterprise-scale computer espionage campaign. APT1 is one of the dozens of threat groups Mandiant tracks around the world and we consider it to be one of the most prolific in terms of the sheer quantity of information it has…


In recent years, headlines about cybersecurity have become increasingly commonplace. Thieves steal customer social security numbers from big corporations’ computer systems. Unscrupulous hackers grab passwords and personal information from social media sites or pluck company secrets from the cloud. In 2019, Capital One (COF) had a data breach where over…


What was going on?

Basically, the Citadel botnet, which has a 2-tier architecture, (Patel 16.) has infected the end-user computer of our employee and has been communicating and sending (private information about the user) to and receiving data (possibly instructions) from the “Citadel command and center” ( The reason the AV did not work…


Malicious hackers obtained access to Target’s internal sprawling network and were able to navigate laterally and infect POS (point-of-sale) systems and steal credit/debit card information of 70 million customers. Some of the lessons learned include introducing multi-factor authentication, improving monitoring and logging of system activity and improving firewall rules and

Full disclosure: I was getting both paid and receiving college credit for my summer Internship — but I only get credit if I write an essay on my experiences, so I decided to write a blog post for this requirement. Here’s my spiel —


A little history

I’m currently a…

Vineeth Sai Narajala

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